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Working directly with the owners, or in collaboration with shipyards and architecture studios, Vaar creates extraordinary, handcrafted luxury pieces. The attention to materials selection and to the details during production are the key to its success, either by opening new relationships or maintaining durable ones. The Brand consistently finalizes custom projects thanks to exceptional quality, uniqueness, and exclusivity.
Design a custom object
A bespoke project starts from a close, constant interaction between the Client and Fulvia Ciapparelli Tissi, Vaar’s co-founder and art director. Her dreams, visions, wishes and functional necessities are at the base of every custom project. Sketches and drawings are proposed to the customer and after receiving the final executive design approval, the finalized render and the prototype are presented. The new furniture production starts once the definitive model consent is received. Handcrafting a prototype is what makes the difference between a ‘bespoke project’ and large-scale production.
Custom finishing
Custom finishing is very important to provide a specific personalization to each Vaar furniture and custom project. Vaar offers different types of finishes: sealers, oils, satins, or high gloss, that can be customized for each project thanks to the characteristics of handcrafted production, which also allows for finishing customization proposed by the Client. The finishing process is different for interior or exterior projects. Outdoor finishes were born for yacht furniture, but they can certainly be adapted for interior decoration.
Each Vaar project is unique. Its luxury result depends on Vaar’s ability to control every production step and detail, maintaining a close relationship with the Client, who is an active and integral part of the creative team. Vaar’s design team is at disposal for any inquiry, providing 2D and 3D rendering to design and realize any new bespoke project. Contact Vaar for any needs related to new or ongoing projects.
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