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Handcrafted yacht furniture
Vaar is a Monegasque Brand specialized in custom handmade luxury furniture for interior and outdoor projects, characterized by iconic yachting-type products manufactured in limited editions. Each product is a piece of excellence in design where proportion and essentiality of forms depend on a mixture between the know-how of the design team and the art of the handcrafted production. This is made possible thanks to long-term collaboration with a pool of the best traditional Italian craftsmen.
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Custom is in Vaar’s DNA
The Brand has a strong custom aptitude working one-on-one in every step of the design process, from the first conceptual sketch to the final delivery, designing and realizing a bespoke project or customizing each single item to the Client’s requirements. Some appreciated Vaar furniture were born from custom projects.
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Vaar furniture in residential interiors and exteriors
Vaar is specialized in yacht furniture, yet its items find perfect application in luxury Home bespoke projects. Different materials and finishes are chosen based on the interiors and environments: yachts or residences, indoors or harsh outdoor, mountain, seaside. Vaar’s minimal style is consistent with contemporary architecture and also creates an interesting contrast in historical residences. Each piece of Vaar furniture is unique because its inspiration and creativity are derived from a personal vision, their exclusive shapes are specially tailored and crafted thanks to a Made in Italy artisanal production, allowing a customization process which is the hallmark of the brand.
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Vaar's deepest roots date back to the 1920s-30s
The brand's design is inspired by the Modernist Movement featured by its simple and cool lines executed with very precise materials.
In Vaar furniture the purity of form is also the result of the fusion of aesthetic and practical standards. Functionality, simplicity and extreme elegance are the focal point, while the combination of different materials and finishes creates an eclectic and interesting contrast. Each piece is unique because its inspiration and creativity comes from a personal vision and its exclusive shapes are specially tailored and handcrafted.
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