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The whole manufacturing process is the result of the synergy between Fulvia Ciapparelli Tissi, as the head of the design team, and each single expert craftsmen, which include blacksmiths, carpenters, carvers, marbles workers, marqueteries, painters, steelmakers, titanium craftsmen and upholsterers, all using the most suitable traditional techniques for every different artisanal process involved in each Vaar item.
Attention to the selection of materials
Each Vaar product is the result of a careful selection of extraordinary weather resistant and light metals —steel or titanium— and natural materials, such as woods —ebony, mahogany, teak— special leathers —water resistant marine leather— and all sorts of different fabrics selected all over the world. These materials are handcrafted and combined in a standard or custom pairing project under the direction of the design team, who provides detailed advice on the best tailored materials selection to personalize each item. Vaar also has a unique ability to research special materials on demand.
Value of craftsmanship
Each furniture is individually designed and tailored as a piece of haute couture. It is a unique piece of handcrafted luxury design, thanks to exceptional Italian craftsmen who are able to realize standards such as custom marquetry, grating, stitched and weaved leather, upholstery, forging metals and provide high quality wood’s finishes, while working in a continuous relationship with the design team’s direction. Vaar characteristic handcrafted production also enables customization proposed by the Client.
Hand made in Italy
The Monegasque Brand Vaar was birthed from Italian creativity and traditional Italian artisan know-how. The Italian genius, typical of all traditional Italian handcrafted production, is what differentiates each piece of Vaar furniture. Every item is handmade in Italy to ensure the best design, the highest quality and durability in a marine context.