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From a great Venitian friendship and a common passion for the sea were born handcrafted items that fit perfectly into a specific space, based on the concept of a yacht lay-out, giving an exclusive taste to Vaar interior and outdoor projects.
Venice: from the very beginning
Vaar is the story of the encounter between the interior designer Fulvia Ciapparelli and Carlo Tissi, a sailorman who spent his life as a captain of luxury yachts. After travelling all over the world in the pursuit of their professions, they met in Venice in the late 1980’s. Fulvia had opened her Interior design studio and Carlo had founded a pub, named Linea d’Ombra, conceived in the design of a luxury sailing boat with a terrace overlooking the Venetian lagoon. The mix between their expertise was the beginning of a special handcrafted yacht furniture project, where the design essence is the harmonic fusion between the functionality of a sailing boat and the beauty of pure forms.
From Italy to Monaco
Travelling and the constant need for change was in both their spirits, so in the first decade of 2000, Fulvia and Carlo moved from Venice to Tuscany. There, where the best Italian craftsmen are based, they started their first handcrafted yacht furniture company. Finally, they moved to Monaco, attracted by the Principality’s openness to Yachting, and in 2014 they founded Vaar. In Monaco, the yachting capital of the world, where most of the yacht business actors are based, they made new contacts and interesting relationships which became the foundation of Vaar bespoke projects.
Renewing inspirations
Inspiration comes from a mix of sources, ranging from nature all around the world, past and present cultures, indigenous and even lost civilizations to contemporary new trends. Tradition is a fundamental asset of every project, both in the standard handcrafted collection and in the customized bespoke items. Each piece of Vaar furniture is unique because its inspiration and creativity are derived from a personal vision and its exclusive shapes are specially tailored and handcrafted. That’s Vaar luxury image.